"Donny, shut the - when do we play?"

Today is G Day. We hit the road this afternoon and head west into the night, looking to manifest our goat roasting destiny. Our recipe is set, the trunks are loaded, and "God Bless Texas" is playing on a loop. Let the games begin.

Also, Dougie Shoutout to Jason Flynn for his piece profiling our goat roasting team in the school newspaper.


  1. It was a pleasure meeting all of you! I hope y'all had a safe drive back...I just uploaded my pictures, so I will try to get the group shot of you all as soon as I can! I really hope you can come back next year!!!

  2. Ok- Zach, I got the pictures done. Whenever you can, email me at rachelnicolegray@gmail.com!

  3. Rachel,

    It nice to meet you and your friends, as well. The Texas hospitality was overwhelming. Rest assured, we'll do everything we can to make it back out there next year. Keep in touch.